PixelLab APK 2.1.3 Latest Download | Text on pictures [28MB]

PixelLab is as a professional photo editor that allows its users to add text elements to their photos. PixelLab plays the main role in inserting texts on Pictures in order to give the picture a creative look. Besides, this amazing application also provides you the facility to easily add any format of texts to the different kinds of photos you take, such as Selfies, Family Photographs, Sceneries, and Photos with memories along with custom fonts.


PixelLab is a fantastic mobile application that comes under the category of Photography. This app has been developed and officially released by the Imagin Studio. Yet, this amazing mobile app, PixelLab, only works for Android, and it does not work with any other device platform. However, the different versions of PixelLab can be used in order to install them in your iOS, Mac, or Windows PCs. Since PixelLab is a light weighted app, it does not need a big space to fit in. You can install the application for a considerable amount of data. In addition, using this app makes the users save time because of its high efficiency.

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APP NamePixelLab
APK size28.31MB
DeveloperApp Holdings
Latest versionv2.0.9

Moreover, PixelLab is the most flawless, astonishing piece of technology to fulfill such kinds of needs. Adding texts with thousands of different styles, adding 3D texts, inserting stickers, shapes together with drawing on top of the pictures can be done using this online text editor, PixelLab.

The understandable, clear, and user friendly interface of this application perfectly guides you to do the same exact need you are looking for through this little yet smart app. No confusion, no complexities, no confusing options, and menu buttons. Only the important and necessary things which are needed to edit your photo! Besides, PixelLab also provides you an expansive selection of presets, backgrounds, fonts, stickers, and over 60 options which are varied from each other.

Yet, you can customize and create the most alluring graphics and images on your own. I think this is the greatest chance you have ever got to show your creativity and imagination to the world. Just count on yourself, install the application and create some amazing photographs with beautiful texts on them.

How to Install PixelLab APK ?

This is a very easy process to install PixelLab apk to any of your Android device.

  1. First download PixelLab APK file from the above download links.
  2. Then enable “unknown sources” from the security settings of your android device.
  3. Now open the downloaded apk file start the installing process.
  4. Within few minutes the installation will be completed.
  5. Now open the PixelLab app and enjoy!

PixelLab Features

Add Text

PixelLab offers you numerous kinds of texts so that you can add and customize them according to your likes and dislikes then add them to your photographs. Additionally, you can also make 3D texts and overlay the texts on top of your pictures. 

pixellab 3d text to images

Add text effects

Yet another interesting feature is that you can add effects to the texts like shadow, strokes, inner shadows, different kinds of backgrounds, reflections, masks, and embosses. However, it is your responsibility to add what really suits the image and make it look perfect and not like garbage.

pixellab emboss text

Text colors

You can set a color for your texts. Set your favorite one; try with some simple colors, a linear gradient, a radial gradient, or else an image texture.

Use own fonts

You are all free to use your own fonts. You can rather choose hand-picked fonts from the font library that has more than 100 fonts without using common ones. You can choose any that PixelLab provides you.

Add stickers

You can add and customize stickers, emojis, shapes, and anything as much as you want.

pixellab add stickers

Add own images

You are able to import your own images from your gallery and make funny emojis, stickers and you can even composite two images to make them look interesting and funny.

Draw shapes

Yet another feature is you can draw your own styles, adding your favorite color. You can either draw shapes, funny faces or even beautiful arts and etc. Draw using your favorite color and add some shadows so it will look better.

pixellab draw on images

Draw doodles

You can draw doodles in your pictures along with inserting texts. All you got to do is, pick a pen size, pick a color, and draw what your mind likes you to draw. You can draw shapes, your own freehand styles, and many more.

Photo effects

Embellish the visual examination of your photos by adding effects to them. PixelLab provides you basic effects like vignette, saturation, stripes, and hue. You can add any effect as per your need.

Remove background

You can also remove the background of your pictures to blue color, a green color, or white color. You can make it transparent and add another beautiful background to it.

pixellab background removal

Save and Share images

Now it is time to save and share the image you designed. You can save and share your finished photographs from any format, any resolution, to any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

pixellab save and share

There is a “Quick Share Button” where you can use it to access easily.

Create memes

Yet another amazing feature PixelLab provides you is the meme preset. Using this meme preset, you can create memes as much as you like and share them with your friends, family, and loved ones and make fun memories.

User friendly

When it comes to the appearance of PixelLab, PixelLab Icon holds a white P letter in a blue circular background. The blue circle is in a white background matching the colors and the letter in the perfect manner.

How to install PixelLab on your PC?

Unluckily, PixelLab does not have a PC version. But don’t worry. We got a solution for that too. In order to install PixelLab mobile applications for your PC, you have to follow the following procedure. Please go through the steps. You’ll find the answer.

How to install PixelLab on your PC via Bluestacks?

  1. First of all, you may download and install an android emulator on your PC. You can install any emulator you like, such as Game Loop, Bluestacks, and Nox Player, but which I highly recommend is Bluestacks.
  2. After the installing process of the emulator, you may click on the icon to launch it.
  3. Now, please open Google Play Store, search for the PixelLab apk and install it.
  4. It will take a couple of minutes to install the app on your PC.
  5. After the installation process is successful, you can use the PixelLab app on your PC, like your mobile phone.

How to install PixelLab on your PC via Nox Player?

  1. Before everything else, please download the considering emulator, Nox Player, on your Personal Computer. Nox Player supports both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.
  2. Open the emulator.
  3. Then, open the Google Play Store and type ‘PixelLab’ on the search bar.
  4. After selecting the correct mobile application, click the install button in it.
  5. After the installation process is fully completed, click the PixelLab from the home screen and start using it.
  6. Enjoy the features.

pixellab for pc with nox player

Note for the users: The process of installing the app through an emulator differs according to the emulator you choose in order to install the app. As an example, the installation process of the Bluestacks emulator varies from the installation process of the NOX player emulator and the Game Loop emulator. So make sure that you first look and then do the installation process correctly.

What PixelLab looks like?

When it comes to the appearance of PixelLab, PixelLab Icon holds a white P letter in a blue circular background. The blue circle is in a white background matching the colors and the letter in the perfect manner.

How do you work with PixelLab?

Please go through the below procedure.

  1. Download and install the PixelLab application to your device (PC or your Mobile).
  2. Open the PixelLab app.
  3. Drag the photo you need to edit into the folder. You can search and add your pictures. You can import them even from your gallery.
  4. Now, start adding texts with motivational and inspirational quotes and ideas.
  5. Give your words a pro look as same as their meaning by adding colors, fonts, and a size.
  6. There you are! Your picture is now ready. 
  7. Save the finished picture.
  8. The finished product will be displayed on your gallery under the folder named ‘Pixellab.’

Pros and Cons


  • Easy downloading
  • Light weighted app
  • It is a free text and image editor
  • Numerous kinds of elements in order to assign to your texts.
  • You are able to add texts easily and quickly.
  • PixelLab is a user friendly application and very easy to work with.


  • You can only edit one picture at a time.
  • Unluckily, PixelLab does not have a PC version. But don’t worry. We got a solution for that too. You should download and install an emulator to get the app in to a PC.


As we all know, there are millions of, billions of people who use smartphones in the world, and many of those smartphone holders do have at least one social media account, and tons of people around the world upload their pictures to those social media sites every second, minute, hour and day. Thus, they search for a good image editing application in order to make their pictures look beautiful. In order to edit their pictures, they should send their pictures through a good image editor, and I highly recommend PixelLab for your work. Why don’t you just give a single tap on the install button and try some of its features? I’m sure that you’ll be surprised.