PixelLab Apk v2.1.3 Latest version free download for Android, iOS, PC

PixelLab can be introduced as an image editor which allows users to add text elements to their photos. Inserting texts is the main role PixelLab plays. PixelLab provides you the facility to easily add any kind of text format to the pictures you take along with custom fonts. PixelLab is an amazing mobile application that comes under the category of Photography.

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The app has been developed and released by Imagin Studio. PixelLab works under Android, and it does not work with any other device platform. However, there are different versions of PixelLab where you can install them on your IOS Device, Mac, and Windows PCs. This is a light weighted app and does not need a big space to fit in. Moreover, using this app makes the users save time because of its efficiency.

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PixelLab v2.1.3

PixelLab v2.1.1

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PixelLab v2.0.7

PixelLab v1.9.9

PixelLab Official Download

Features of the PixelLab application

  • The main feature of Pixel Lab is inserting texts on the top of your images. You will be able to easily add any sort of text to your pictures. You can add inspirational quotes, small sentences about vibes, and many more.
  • There are many custom fonts you can use to give your texts a unique and creative look.
  • There won’t be any restrictions on the texts where you can easily create and add texts according to your preferences. You can change color, increase its size, increase the quality and the sharpness of the texts, and many more.
  • There are thousands of different inspirational quotes in Pixel Lab where you can use them in your pictures. You don’t have to copy paste or type them down; only you got to do is add them directly to your texts.
  • There is a wide range of elements such as font styles, colors and etc. You can change your font style as per your need.
  • Saving your finished photos in an easy way is another great feature pixel lab provides you. The saved photos will be saved in your gallery under the name of Pixel Lab. You can share them directly from Pixel Lab to any other kind of app. It might be a social media application or another one. You can easily transfer those finished pictures to other apps in order to make collages and slide shows.

How to work with PixelLab?

You may go through the following procedure.

  1. Download and install the application on your device.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Drag any photo into the folder. You can search them and add them.
  4. Start adding texts.
  5. Give your texts a good look by adding colors, different fonts, and a perfect size.
  6. Voila! The picture is now ready. Save it.
  7. The finished product will be displayed on your gallery under the folder named ‘Pixel lab.’

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to download since it is a light weighted app.
  • Pixel Lab is a free text editor.
  • There are different kinds of elements to assign to your texts.
  • You can add texts easily and quickly.
  • Pixel Lab is a user friendly application and very easy to work with.


  • You can only edit one picture at a time.
  • Pixel Lab works under Android, and it does not work with any other device platform. However, there are different versions of Pixel Lab where you can install them on your IOS Device, Mac, and Windows PCs.


Generally speaking, many smartphone holders have social media accounts, and tons of people around the world upload their pictures to those social media sites instantly. So, they search for good applications that make their pictures look stunning. In order to edit their pictures, they should send their pictures through a good image editor, and I highly recommend Pixel Lab for your work. Why don’t you just give it a try?

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